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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blogging + Shopping

I think this is my new favorite spot to take blog pictures. Why, you ask? Because it's right behind T.J. Maxx. Blog pictures + shopping at my favorite store...does it get any better than that? My closet says no. But my wallet says this is bad news.
Chambray Shirt | similar
J Brand Coated Skinny Jeans | similar
Dream Necklace c/o Sugar Bean Jewelry | similar
Mint Crossbody Bag | similar
Silver Watch | similar

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

At Home

As you might already know if you've been reading my blog for a while, the hubby and I sold our house last summer and just recently moved into our new house. All our things had been in storage for 8 months. And I do mean all our things- beds, pictures/home decor, couch, books*. Well, everything except for clothes because you can't keep my clothes from me for 8 months, that'd be pure torture! It was so nice to be reunited with all our things again that I couldn't resist taking blog pictures in our bedroom (even if our nightstands are ugly and don't match and we need to buy new ones). 

*We lived in my aunt & uncles guest house while we house hunted so we did still have a bed to sleep in. We loved living there and I cried a lot when we moved out. Are they sure they don't want roommates for the rest of their lives?

P.S. Forver21 is having a major sale in their sale items. I'm talking $1 for some items!
Outfit Details:
Subtle Luxury Tie Front Top c/o (20% off with code kacie20)
Dittos Jeans c/o | similar
Monogram Necklace c/o oNecklace
Watch | similar
Pyramid Bracelet c/o Love Stylize | similar
Crossbody Bag c/o Outrage Fashion
Double Bar Rings c/o InPink | similar

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Monday, April 21, 2014

#LookMazingWWIB + Giveaway

Let's throw a pity party for me and then lets give you a chance to win this Sincerely Jules Dream Believe Achieve Tee, ok? Sounds like a plan to me. If you don't want to attend my pity party you can skip to the giveaway part but I've got to tell you, I throw pretty great pity parties.

My pity party:
My poison oak is getting worse, you guys. It's spreading and it's oozing. The wrap around my ankle is there to protect your eyes from the grossness that my poison oak has become. This isn't the worst case of it I've ever had (once I had it all over half of my face) but it's still no fun. Ok, my pity party is over. On to the fun part of this post.

The Giveaway/Contest:
  I’m have been selected to compete in LookMazing‘s Who Wore It Best Contest and I am here to ask for you to vote for me or whoever you think wore it best (and by that, I mean me regardless of what you really think. lol. jk) . But the best part is that just for voting, you will be entered to win the Dream Believe Achieve Tee. I call that a win-win! 
 If you're wondering what LookMazing is, it's a fashion and beauty focused social shopping site that connects content creators (bloggers) with shoppers. Content creators are rewarded for making their photos and videos shoppable, while shoppers earn rewards for shopping!  Rewards are earned in the form of points and are redeemable for items in your wishlist from LookMazing’s 250+ partner retailers. 

Ok, now it's time to enter to win the Sincerely Jules Dream Believe Achieve Tee! Trust me, you want this tee. It's so comfy!
 To Enter:
1. Sign up for LookMazing and ‘Admire’ me
2. Vote for me by “winking” at my look
3. Add the Dream Believe Achieve Tee to your LookMazing Wishlist for a chance to win it!
The WWIB blogger winner will be announced on May 1st at noon PST and a voter will also be selected at random to win the product!

Outfit Details:
Sincerely Jules Tee c/o LookMazing
F21 Denim Jacket | similar
Free People Skirt c/o Zappos
Spike Necklace c/o Calypte Collection
Black Bag c/o Oasap

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hello There

Here's a little tip for everyone: don't accidentally format your sd card before getting your pictures off of the card. It will delete them all and you will be upset. I learned this the hard way and had to retake a couple sets of outfit photos. And to top it off, I got poison oak. This just has not been my week.
  Hello There weekend! I've been waiting for you.
Outfit Details:
Old Navy Sweater | similar
Jeans | similar
Jessica Simpson Purse similar similar
Suede Nude Booties c/o MartofChina similar
Monogram Necklace c/o oNecklace
Watch | similar
Safety Pin Bracelet c/o InPink  
Pyramid Bracelet c/o Love Stylize | similar
Double Bar Rings c/o InPink | similar

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