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Friday, August 22, 2014

Best Jeans Ever!

American Eagle High-Rise Jegging
Pastel Moto Jacket
Graphic Tee
Kacie's Kloset
American Eagle High-Rise Jegging
Kacie's Kloset

You guys, I have found my new favorite place to shop for jeans, American Eagle, and right now all their jeans are on sale for $30!!! And I am in love with them and I want them all! I'm wearing the high-rise jegging and they are perfect. They have enough stretch in them to make them super comfortable but they still keep there shape after wearing them all day. Perfection if you ask me. Ok, like how many jeans do you think is too many to buy? I'm thinking I should just buy all of them but the hubs says buying 38 pairs of jeans is just too much. I say he's wrong. I mean hello, it's no secret that I LOVE JEANS! One summer as a kid, I refused to wear anything other than jeans. And I grew up in an area that can reach 120 degrees so as you can see, I'm a very dedicated jeans lover. But finding great fitting jeans can be so difficult. And it's even more difficult to find great fitting jeans at a good price. So when I find them, I should buy them, right? 

American Eagle has a huge selection of styles (high-rise, skinny, straight, ect.) that you can shop from and each style comes in several different washes. I used to think shopping online for jeans was stressful because I always worried about the fit but American Eagle takes the stress away. They show pictures of the jeans from every angle plus a video so I can really see everything I need to know about the fit. And they tell you the models height and what size she is wearing. I know I can't be the only one who loves it when companies share the models size. It just makes it so much easier to get an idea of how the item will fit. To makes buying American Eagle jeans online even better and more stress-free, they offer FREE SHIPPING + FREE RETURNS on all jeans purchases. You really can't go wrong with AE jeans.
Outfit Details:
"Tres Bon" Tee c/o Hello Fab | similar
Pastel Moto Jacket (from Nordstrom sold out) | similar in pink pastel
High-Rise Jeggings c/o American Eagle
Black Purse c/o Oasap | similar
Silver Watch | similar
Ray Ban Erika Sunglasses  c/o SmartBuyGlasses | same
Some more AE jeans I'm thinking about buying :)

Sponsored by American Eagle . All opinions are my own. 
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Currently Craving: Graphic Tee's

How To Wear A Graphic Tee
  I have developed a slight obsession with graphic tees. Is it just me, or do they instantly make you feel cooler? I'm working on growing my graphic tee collection but in the meantime, I'm giving myself a little graphic tee styling inspiration. They can literally be worn with anything! 

Dressed Up:


More Graphic Tees:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Distressed Denim Two Ways

You see that gorgeous gal up  there? The one with the perfectly styled blonde hair? That's Tara of Mix and Match Fashion and she's awesome! Her blog is the perfect name because she really is the best at mixing and matching prints, colors, and lots of different items from her closet. Today we're teaming up to show you two ways to wear distressed jeans. Be sure to visit her blog to see more of her look :)
denim with denim
chambray shirt
Olivia + Joy Purse
Double Denim Outfit
Ripped Jeans
Bow Heels

I'm obsessed with distressed jeans! I want to cut holes in all of my jeans to give them the distressed look. And by "I", I mean I want to make the hubs distress all my jeans because he's better at it than me. But I know that a couple years from now, when distressed jeans aren't as popular, I'll wish I hadn't cut holes in all my good jeans. So instead, I (aka the hubs) will only cut up a few and I'll buy some that are already ripped up (like these AE jeans that I just got for an upcoming post with American Eagle that just so happen to fit amazingly and are my new faves.)
Outfit Details:
Chambray Shirt | similar
Ripped Jeans | similar
Bow Kitten Heels | similar (flat option)
Monogram Necklace c/o oNecklace
Gold Watch | similar

Monday, August 18, 2014


I bet you didn't know I can predict the future, did you? Kind of like Alice in Twilight. Don't believe me? I will convince you: I wore this outfit the day my niece, Stevie Rae, was born. My sister and her husband chose not to find out what they were having (well, obviously they knew they were having a baby human but they didn't know if their baby human would be a boy or girl) but me?... I guessed a girl from the very beginning. Even when every other person on earth thought they were having a boy, I knew they were all wrong. So obviously when my sister went into labor, I had to throw on something pink. And when the doctor came out and told us the baby human was a girl just like I had predicted, I threw my fists in the air and yelled, "I was right!!!" You heard it here first folks, I can predict the future. I didn't predict that my sister be two weeks early or that her baby would flip in her stomach at the very last minute (like 10cm dilated last minute) and be breach and require an emergency c-section but I did predict that the baby would be a girl so yeah, I'd say I'm a legitimate fortune teller.
Outfit Details:
Black Crop Top | similar
J Brand Jeans | similar
Black Purse c/o Oasap

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